Two Paradigms; Eight Assumptions

False Prayer:

A “Me-Centered” Prayer Life

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
*Bless me, Dear God.
*Give me the good life of fufillment and joy.

Change Things for My Sake
*Work in other and in my circumstances with my well-being in view.

Thank You for My Blessings
*You’re useful
*I like it.
*Keep it up!

Here’s My Tip for Good Service
*I’ll sing and praise You for what You’ve given me.
*Hey, worship is easy. All I have to do is work up fervent emotions. Sacrifice isn’t required.

Tell Me What to do to Keep Good Times Rolling.
*I’ll do my part for as long as You do Yours.

True Prayer:

A Relationally-Centered Prayer Life
Relational Prayer:
Draw Near and Listen
*Remain in Christ
*Let God’s word remain in you.

Bend Low as a Living Sacrifice
*Surrender every second thing to gain union with God.

In Every Circumstance Give Thanks
*Thank God for the unique opportunity every blessing or trial presents to delight God’s heart and reveal Him to others.

May Your Kingdom Come Through Others
*Change people’s hearts so that they long to advance Your will.

With the Mind of Christ, Ask and Receive
*Petitions grow out of a desire for God… expressed by the Spirit’s groaning discerned by the Father’s searching, furthering the Son’s joy.

The Papa Prayer
P: Present yourself to God without pretense.
A: Attend to how you’re thinking of God.
P: Purge yourself of anything blocking your relationship with God.
A: Approach God as the “first thing” in your life.