Meet Our Staff

Ken Shiplet

Senior Pastor
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Pastor Ken has led our church since September 2005.  He is a graduate from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft Worth TX.  He has a Master of Divinity degree, which, he says means that he can make candy better than the rest of our church members.

He is a committed Bible teacher. As a teacher, he provides sermon notes and uses power point illustrations to enhance the learning experience.

He and his wife, Carol have been married for over fifty years. They have two children, who are committed believers and servants of our Lord.  He brings to our church an example of marriage commitment and strong family life.

While not a young man, he is filled with energy, enthusiasm, and forward thinking in his ideas and his leadership.

He has led our church to the great commitment of unity and love for one another.

Amanda Johnston

Worship Team Leader
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I have been the pianist for the worship ministry since 2007.  I have played the piano since I was eight years old, but this was my first experience playing with a group of musicians.  Over time, I moved into a place of leadership on the worship ministry team.

The worship team approaches worship as a lifestyle, not as a weekly occurrence on Sundays. Worship to our God should be a daily experience, so that the corporate worship on Sunday is simply a reflection of hearts that have been worshiping all week.  With this attitude and approach, the worship team and I do not see ourselves as worship leaders, but as “lead worshipers” who guide the body of Christ to the throne of God for worship.